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Know and share the approach and values ​​of Hostel 494 Belém. Commit and fulfill the responsibilities assumed. Get along and form good relationship with different types of people. Attitude of service and willingness to fulfill different functions. Good physical and mental health. Do not have a criminal background. Give your time in the best way so that you can experience meaningful contribution. To have a better experience it is recommended that the person stay at least 2 weeks doing the volunteer work. As a requirement you must be over 18 years old.


Volunteer Program in Hostel 494 Belem Brazil

Volunteers Hostel 494 Belem Brasil

Help us with cleaning and organizing Hostel 494 Belem Brazil, and you can have 100% discount on your stay here... plus you can even earn some money by working our events. To be a volunteer in Hostel 494 Belem Brazil, you will need to help for 6 hours a day and you will need to volunteer for at least two weeks!

Enjoy the Metropolis of the Brazilan Amazon

The activities you will be asked to do involve cleaning the rooms (living room, kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor covered areas, yard and garage), doing laundry, preparing the rooms and beds for guests, helping them with their requests and helping out with other household tasks. In exchange for your volunteer work we offer: breakfast, a bunk bed in a shared room with air conditioning, a private locker, laundry, cable TV, Netflix and of course, one day off per week you volunteer, to enjoy the metropolis of the Brazilan Amazon.


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Belém has a modern appearance with tree-lined streets, several plazas and public gardens, and many noteworthy buildings. The north's leading educational and cultural centre, it is the seat of a bishopric, and its cathedral is one of Brazil's largest.

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The Museum Paraense Emílio Goeldi, the Teatro da Paz (a classical theatre), and the public library and archives are other notable institutions. The Universidade Federal do Pará (1957), a teacher-training school, an agricultural institute, and an institute for research on tropical diseases are also in the city. The Ver-o-Peso (Portuguese: "see the weight") market in the old port centre is a major tourist attraction. The city is also home to a large football stadium, the Estádio Olímpico do Pará.